Microtorr is the dream of a technocrat entreprenuer Mr. R. Thiyagarajan, who tookup the challange of designing, fabricating and commissioning a "Thermovac Chamber" to test "Aryabhatta" India's first scientific satellite project in 1973. This was a pioneering effort where limited technology and vague specifications caused innumerable hurdles and the same were overcomed with true ingenuity.

The Thermovac Chamber was successfully commissioned in 1974 and launching of "Aryabhatta" put India on the map of spaceage nations.

Over the years Microtorr pioneered several developments in vacuum systems and related products which not only fulfilled the client's requirement but also saved the country precious foriegn exchange by means of import substitution.

Decades down the timeline Microtorr continues to serve several prestigious public sector, private sector commercial and research organizations with high technology vacuum systems, furnaces and related products tailored to suit their specific requirements.


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